Handpainted Glass – VARIANDO MUSICA


Handpainted Glass – VARIANDO MUSICA

Handpainted and handengraved on glass

100 x 80 mm – Thickness 4 mm

With hanging hole



The pieces are 100% hand painted and hand engraved. The colors are fixed in the oven at 170 °C and the work of art is therefore water resistant. It is possible to clean the artwork gently (only with water and not with cleaning agents or solvents). It is recommended to spread only a small amount of water on the glass with a cloth or sponge.

The paints used are all ecologically water-based and do not contain any solvents, are non-toxic and therefore suitable for your children.

All the parts produced are unique and are therefore made in single pieces, but can be reproduced on request and on order. As it is obviously handmade, no one piece is identical to the other.

Copyright@ Irene Malizia-Painting music


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